Turnahpot – Caribbean Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes (PDF Format)

Our First Ever cookbook written in PDF format

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Caribbean dishes for those new to Caribbean food staples
  • Includes a Vegan Cake section

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Product Description

About This Premiere Edition from Chef J

A collection of Caribbean Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for those who are curious and those who want to try something different. Bringing together fusions of the Caribbean and Latin Caribbean and Europe in this Premier publication.

Janice Weir-Germia, a 5 Star Caterer, has embarked on the journey of sharing her secret recipes that have licked lips and even created opportunities for sharing her culinary delights through exhibitions and events Nationally in Brighton, West Sussex, London.

Internationally, she has shared her culinary offerings but due to DEMAND, as she cannot be everywhere at the same time, Janice has decided to bring the magical tastes to you.

Do be warned, she encourages you to be creative and create your own signature.

So make sure you use this book to start your Caribbean and Creative culinary Vegan and Vegetarian Journey. There will be more available which will be themed and contain fusions and seasonings that she sells Nationally in the UK.

Avec Tout L’amour.

Chef J
(Janice Weir-Germia)

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Caribbean Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes



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