Caribbean Fusions – Latin, Juicy, Saucy & Fun

  • Our First ever PHYSICAL BOOK – easy to read and clear larger print
  • Latin Caribbean VEGAN & VEGETARIAN Recipes. NO NUTS WERE HARMED during the making of this book.
  • All recipes that need substitutes for egg are given in the ingredients listing.Includes a Cake Project Section.
  • Trinidadian Roti and Buss Up Shot included!
  • This is a collection of my own recipes used in Catering as a Chef and new ones so that you too can make the world smile with your ‘sweet hand’ recipes.

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Product Description

Caribbean Fusions brings together Celebration recipes that have been recreated by Janice Weir-Germia from around the Caribbean with a twist.

Being an Allergen sufferer herself, many recipes have tips on variations and EGG REPLACEMENT section for those who are Vegan.

The aim is to help readers develop their own recipes and not feel that they HAVE TO stick to her recipes.

Her Mantra is for all readers to Cook Up A Rainbow using Food.

By doing this you could achieve a balanced Nutritional intake of foods that you will both love and enjoy.

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