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Review of HALO Seaweed Snacks

Hello my dear curious foodies 🙂

I was out and about in Maryland USA, Summer 2016 and stumbled across many amazing finds. After visiting MOMS Organic Food Market I had to share this.

These HALO Seaweed Snacks are amazing finds for getting your Vit B, Iron and other supplementation Naturally.  It is so simple.

My friends son was eating the packets off like they were “CHIPS” or as we say in the UK “CRISPS”.

They come in 3 amazing flavours at MOMS but maybe more elsewhere.

I loved the Original.  The BBQ is really a slightly sweeter version with a tiny bit of spice.  I am yet to try the final one.  I took it in my Suitcase so will sample when I get to the UK and tell you all about it.

Enjoy and do try to get hold of these.  2-3 sheets a day should do the trick!

Chef J

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