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Nutrition Pyramid


Often we are limited to the standard Food Pyramid that suggests one must have Dairy to be completely filled nutritiously, but that is so far from the truth.

In fact, foods such as:

Calcium-fortified Cereals; Soy Milk and Juices
Calcium-set tofu
Soybeans and Soynuts
Bok Choy
Chinese Cabbage
Mustard Greens

They all make up nutrients usually attributed to Dairy, Fish and Meat Products.

Some are not commonly known to be found in vegetables but Calcium, for instance, can be found in:

  • KALE

Much is said of Protein for those who eat Nuts, but for those with Nut Allergies it can be a bit of a MAZE.  Remembering that Protein is a made up of Amino Acids, you can mix and match to make a complete protein but do so carefully – to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort!

So your amino acids can come from sources such as:  Amaranth, Pea Protein Powders, Quinoa and Carrots even!

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