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Nutrition and Plant-based Diet. Reset Your Body

Can’t Wait to get your Body Tuned and Ready?

Ready for what you say?

Optimal Nutrition.

You may be aware that your body absorbs nutrients from the food we eat at the point of Digestion.

Whatever your body does not need, be it excess nutrients or just bulk and fibre, it eliminates though the lower intestine in the form of defecated waste and urea in your kidneys.

Our bodies are amazing machines but should not be abused!!

Ultimately, you should aim to eat your heartiest meals first thing in the day as you will be active throughout the day and then make the lighter and lighter to a paupers cup of tea!

However, our bodies may have problems taking up nutrients so it is good practice to have a good cleanse before changing your diet.  More so, Liver; Kidney and Colon cleanse – not necessarily in that order.

I also aim for a once a week fast with just juices or fruits and water.  Or possibly half a day NIL BY MOUTH so that your body can rest and reset itself.  Please don’t overdo it after the fast 🙂

Enjoy your new body and your new journey.  I will be sharing more of mine very soon.

Cook Up A Rainbow and lets take this journey together.

Chef J

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