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How to cook healthy meals?

Cooking Healthy and Whole

I have always wondered why this new revolution of cooking consists of blending everything and beating to an almighty pulp until food is edible.

It begs belief why we have pulverised our food to pap to enjoy it.

From my Caribbean roots, we aim to keep food as whole as possible to get all the goodness and cook fresh and eat RAW sometimes.  There are a lot of fruits in the Caribbean diet by default as they grow so plenteous in some regions.  However, City life has taught us to not use our TEETH and that to Ill Effect!

I always aim to eat some RAW that requires chewing.  I don’t want to just juice and blend and then my mouth forgets how to chew properly and Masticate my food well.  Not that it will forget, but you get the picture.  Trying to keep all my Neuro and Motor skills in tact until I ready 100.

So, one of my methods towards cooking healthy and whole is by using little or no oil and baking instead of frying.

You will find the food more hearty and wastage will be less.

You will also find that you do not need so much food to satisfy your hunger.

It just makes sense for our delicate bodies to take it easy when digesting food and to give it variable hurdles to avoid the internal muscles getting lazy!

I will do more research on this but in respect of Food Microbiology, my 2nd love to Computing, the good bacteria or normal flora in our stomachs and our body is enhanced by having a good balance of foods to break down.

There will be more about this over time but in the meantime my advice is to have foods as close to their whole state as possible to reduce nutrient loss.

For every cut, splice, dice, blend, juice, grate, etc….  you are losing nutrients.

So as a guide, maybe do only one of these and you should have more nutritional value in your foods to suppress hunger.  Remember, once a message goes to your brain to say you have all the nutrients you need, you suddenly feel satisfied!

More on Digestion coming soon.

Cook Up A Rainbow and Lets take this Journey Together


Chef J

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